Are you looking to rent a boat in Amsterdam? Good choice! This way you avoid the daily traffic, while you visit some of Amsterdam’s finest places. The hot spots of Amsterdam are often crowded with international and national tourists, but when you rent a boat in Amsterdam, you get the opportunity to visit these spots, without having to wait in line and you can view them from the canals. Besides, sailing on te canals is one of the most fun things to do in Amsterdam! Rent your boat with Canal motorboats boat rental Amsterdam and sail through the beautiful canals.

Cleanest boat rental Amsterdam

Canal motorboats is an established family business with decades of experience. The boats are electrically driven and therefore eco friendly. So if you hire a boat with Canal motorboats you are traveling in a  sustainable way. Thereby, the boats are whisper quiet, which means no noise during your boat trip.

When you rent a boat in Amsterdam you always bring:

  • A valid ID

The boat rental company in Amsterdam are obliged to ask you for identification.

  • 150 euro deposit

You can pay in cash or use a creditcard. You will get the deposit back after returning your boat. By paying the deposit you are insured for damaging the boat.

  • A jacket

When you sail on the canals are colder than when you are in the streets.

  • Swim wear and towel

Yes the water in the canals is clean enough to swim in. The Municipality of Amsterdam has put a lot of effort in making the canals clean for the past few years!

How do you rent a boat in Amsterdam

Go to the rent a boat Amsterdam page and click on reservation. Choose the time you want to pick up the boat and when you want to return it. Fill in your details and pay online. You will receive an e-mail with your booking details and the exact location. If you’ll decide that you want to rent the boat for a longer period afterwards, you can always call. If the boat is not booked for the next hour, you can keep the boat for a longer period.

Prices boat hire Amsterdam

When you rent a boat in Amsterdam with Canal motorboats for more than one hour, you will get discount on every following hour. Here is how this works: you will pay €50 for the first hour, €40 for the second hour, €30 for the third hour en for every other hour you pay only €20! If you are  looking boat hire in Amsterdam, this is the cheapest option for a day on the water.!

What do you get when you hire a boat in Amsterdam

The aluminium boats fit 7 people, there is enough storage room under the seats. On the boat you will find pillows, blankets and a route map. Before setting off you will receive instructions to sail the boat safely.

Location boat rental Amsterdam?

The boat rental company is located in the city centre of Amsterdam on 10 minutes walking distance of Amsterdam central station. The location is also accessible by car and there is enough parking space.

Are you ready to have a lovely day on the water? Book your boat on: boat hire Amsterdam.